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YOU watch the UFC and all the other MMA Shows…Now, it's time to give yourself the chance to learn Mixed Martial Arts and Get in the Best shape of your life and Find the CHAMPION in YOU!

"Watching Mixed Martial Arts On TV Is Like Learning

to Ride A Motorcycle From A Book- Sure, A Book Gives

You The Basic Idea But It Doesn’t Even Compare With

“The Real Thing”!!

Read On To Discover Why So Many People Just

Like You Have Started Training Mixed Martial Arts …

And Now Feel ALIVE Again and Ready for Anything!


So, you think you understand the excitement and exhilaration of Mixed Martial Arts from watching shows like ‘The Ultimate Fighting Championship’ or ‘The Ultimate Fighter’?

Sure, the television had introduced millions to the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts competition but it will never get your blood flowing or make you “feel alive” like the real thing!

Like most of my students who first walk through the door of Family MMA, you may be thinking that you have to be insane to seriously train in MMA.

Hey, you probably have a family and a good career or perhaps you just think you’re too old to experience the thrill and exhilaration of Mixed Martial Arts competition.

And yes, with the right discipline and determination, me and my staff at Family MMA can prepare a student to compete and win at the top levels—but that’s not why most people come through my door!

They Come To Feel Alive…

Let me just be brutally honest with you for one minute and if you think this is untrue or that I am wasting your time, then I don’t blame you for moving on. But honestly, why are you here?

Why do you like watching The Ultimate Fighting Championship—heck, why do you like watching a boxing match or a football game?

I’ll tell you why—because it gets your blood flowing for a change!

We live in a society that represses people’s natural instinct to physically compete for their survival. For thousands of years, people were forced to survive the elements and constantly adapt.

Now, we are not really challenged. We live day by day in quiet desperation for a challenge a quest so to speak. Something that will force us to go confront our #1 ENEMY – Comfort.

Yes, comfort is the culprit of the depression and the anxiety that most of us feel. We have trouble believing in our ability to overcome because we don’t challenge ourselves regularly. Thus, we don’t have the faith that we will overcome!

But Now We Are… Domesticated

Look, none of us wants to go back to the days when we had to hunt for our food every night and I sure as heck don’t want to give up my SUV and start walking everywhere! But tell me that you don’t feel like something is missing in your life—can you? Does watching a football game or a fight on television fill that void—or does it actually make it worse? Most of the people coming to Family MMA aren’t looking to become world champion fighters—they are just looking to reclaim their birthright and to FEEL ALIVE AGAIN!!

And hey—I am not even talking to just the men because a lot of women come through my door looking for the same excitement and confidence that comes from Mixed Martial Arts training. Honestly, this society has forced most of us to become virtual robots where we have jobs we despise, bills that never end, and a life that just plain feels empty at the end of the day—for both men and women!

Let’s face it: people were not meant to be stuck in office cubicles all day, commute for an hour or more back and forth to work, and then return home to sit on a couch to do little more than watch what life could be—instead of getting out there and living it! I’m sorry—but while I love watching The Ultimate Fighting Championships on television—it doesn’t even compare with going to the gym and actually sparring!

Have You Asked Yourself These Questions Lately?

Does it feel like the joy has been sucked out of your life?
Are you tired of being tired?
Are you ready to live life to the fullest?
Is it almost impossible to concentrate on attaining any of your goals?
Have you lost sight of your goals?
Do you feel powerless to control your own life?
Do you feel like you are surrounded by nothing more than “familiar strangers”?
Do feel like you can be in better shape?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any of the Questions Above,

Then Its Time To Join The Martial Arts Academy's MMA Family…

Yes, we are a family and that is precisely why we treat each and every member with the utmost respect regardless of their size, skill level, age, or sex.

Sure, some of our members are indeed training to become professional Mixed Martial Arts Champions like the ones you see on TV.

But for the most part, our family consists of people just like yourself who simply want to learn self-defense, get into the best shape of their lives, and to feel alive again while having some fun in a place where they feel welcome.

As an active member in the Martial Arts Academy MMA family, you can expect to learn secrets that will help you enjoy your life more, including:

Staying Motivated and Focused To Attain Your Goals
Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life
Improving Your Ability to Cooperate and Get Along With Others
Reducing Stress Levels
Defending Yourself in Any Self-Defense Situation
Shedding Any Excess Pounds—and Keeping Them Off!

Let's Talk About What so Different About Learning MMA at Family Mixed Martial Arts Academy…

What We Teach

Our Students learn Techniques and skills in the most effective Martial Arts !!! Our Mixed Martial Arts Students learn the arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Western Boxing and our core striking art of Muay Thai Kick Boxing.

Homer glen MMAThe synergistic blending of these fighting methods into one curriculum is the reason why some students drive from across town to come to practice every week.

We are not just a Jiu Jitsu school or a kickboxing gym.

Family MMA instructs students to combine all the best martial arts styles into their own personal combat system.

Here is what is really unique about Family MMA that is very rare, Our curriculum is governed by Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee was the first Mixed Martial Artist. He combined arts from all over the world and only used what was truly EFFECTIVE. He used no FORMS, NO FLUFF and NO FANCY STUFF that doesn’t work.

The philosophy behind Jeet Kune Do is very simple: Use What Works.

Using this principle, our highly trained staff will first determine your current skill level and then develop a training program that will highlight your strengths and dramatically improve any weak areas until you are a well-oiled machine ready to take on whatever this world throws at you!

The Martial Arts Academy's Mixed Martial Arts System will teach you to master all three self-defense situations, including:

lisle-downers grove-woodridge-naperville

Striking and Counter striking

Orland park-tinleypark-oak forest-homer glenn

Ground and Pound Tactics

forest park-oak park-berwyn-chicago

Submissions and Escapes

Chicago-mma classes-mma schools-mma instruction

Takedowns and Defense


Combat Athletics (Strength and Conditioning for MMA)

Here is what is really unique about Martial Arts Academy MMA that is very rare, Our curriculum is governed by Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee was the first Mixed Martial Artist. He combined arts from all over the world and only used what was truly EFFECTIVE. He used NO FORMS, NO FLUFF and NO FANCY STUFF that doesn’t work.

When you train at our Academy you can rest assure that the skills that you are learning are second to none.

Let me explain.

Their are a few different training experiences that you may encounter, according to the feedback of students that have made our Academy their home for training.

You see they usually fall into one of four categories.

A grappling/wrestling or Jiu jitsu school that doesn’t have a stand up program or has an inadequate striking program.
A kickboxing school that doesn’t have a grappling program or has an inadequate grappling program.
A school that is flat out lying to potential students and has no real credentials to teach either.
A School with a bunch of super hardcore fighters who do way to much sparring and don’t teach new students anything and push them into sparring before they are ready and they get hurt.

We are proud of the fact that we offer the highest level of instruction in both the grappling and striking arts.

We teach our students to Master all ranges of combat. You’ll be personally learning from best instructors and competitors in the area.

Our students also go through The Martial Arts Academy GPP Program

GPP stands for General Physical Preparedness. We have a time tested progressive conditioning program to help our students to get in the physical and mental state that hey need to posses in order to spar or just get in the best shape of their lives. Better, Stronger Faster!

You’ll become a multi-dimensional combat athlete.



Are You Ready To “Feel Alive” Again?

I could definitely post tons of glowing testimonials from our students and list page after page of benefits from joining the Mixed Martial Arts family—but just like TV — it just doesn’t compare with the real thing!

Instead, why don’t you just apply to become a student at the Family Martial Arts Academy and experience our MMA Program!

How Do I Get More Info And Apply?

I understand you may not want any one pushing you into enrolling in our academy.

Our Martial Arts Acadmey's MMA program is a family—we want you to make a quality choice, a well thought out decision for CHANGE!

In fact, no one should feel obligated or under some sort of pressure to join when they walk through the door at the Family Martial Arts Academy's MMA School…

Simply fill out the form below and our New Student Director will contact you, answer all of your questions and conduct a short 5-10 minute interview.

We accept just a few students a month and we want to make sure that we accept people that are committed to fully realizing their personal potential.

Because we are selective on who we accept into our academy you can be sure that if you are attending classes at our Martial Arts Academy that your training partners are as committed as you, that they have the right attitude and are as eager to learn as you are, that's a dynamic atmosphere for GROWTH!

If you would like to learn more about our MMA Academy and be considered to be a Student please fill out the form below.

Person Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Email *
Phone 1 *

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

MMA Orland ParkWhen are classes?

We offer a wide variety of class times. Generally, classes are in the evening Monday through Thursday.

In addition, private lessons with our instructors are available by request.

Orland Park MMAWill I get injured?

A common misconception about MMA training is that to learn effective MMA, you have to get into wild and crazy sparring matches.


At FMAA, most of our students have families and jobs and can't afford to leave the gym with black eyes! The grappling and sparring that is done at FMAA is done with utmost control and only when you are ready.

You will only be allowed to spar or “roll live” in BJJ and Grappling after an instructor gives you the “OK.” For MMA, you won’t be allowed to spar until you are invited into the Black Belt Club and we accept you into the highest-level program (that’s right, you have to get invited, fill out an application and get accepted before we even consider you sparring with us on the team). Acceptance into this more advanced program is based more on your attitude than on your skill level. But first everyone starts off on the introductory program and moves on from there.

The idea is to train smart and have fun. Only our amateur and professional fighters do some hard sparring– but because they have to prepare for a cage fight. Safety is our number one focus and we want everyone to experience all the benefits of training in Mixed Martial Arts.

Victory Martial Arts Is their a formal ranking system?

FMAA provides an organized curriculum for both the Striking Class (stand-up fighting & self-defense) and Grappling (ground fighting & self defense) programs. Progress Checks are done on a monthly basis.

Testing is a great way for you to track your progress and also for our instructors to see what you need to work on and what your strengths are, too (after all it’s our job to turn you into the best possible student you can be).

Our ranking system is strict and only people deserving of being promoted will earn it. Our team is all about setting goals, then working as hard as possible to achieve those goals – with no excuses. We just love to see our students succeed!

Plus, we are the cleanest school in the Cleveland area – we disinfect our mats everyday with hospital grade disinfectant to ensure our students are training in the cleanest environment possible. We also have a cleaning crew which cleans everything during the week.

We’re all about great service and having the cleanest and most pleasant atmosphere possible.

Thai boxing Muay ThaiHow Much Does It cost?

Our Basic Training Course is 3 months in length and consists of 36 classes. The cost of this course is $417 (about $11 per class). Or you may make 3 payments of $139.

Will I being going directly into a ongoing class?

When you start out at FMAA, you will be going through a special introductory course. In this class, you will be learning from an organized curriculum that balances striking, takedowns, and ground grappling.

The classes are designed to work at a pace that beginners can absorb. The beginner's class also takes into account that you may be totally out of shape – one of its principal designs is to get you into good shape and allow you to train harder in the next level.

We want you to develop the necessary fundamental skills and conditioning in the most efficient manner possible and we’ve found that this is the best and quickest way for our students to get maximum results in minimum time.

If you would like to learn more about our MMA Academy and be considered to be a Student please fill in the form below.

Person Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Email *
Phone 1 *

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